Because He Is... [Devotion]

This week I wanted to share something that has been on my heart a lot lately. Many times Christians are accused of advocating “blind faith”. But if we really understand our faith we’ll understand that it is the opposite of blind. God has revealed Himself in creation and in His word! We aren’t asked to believe in a vague deity but rather the God of the universe who has revealed Himself to us. And we are asked to trust Him as DR. Voddie Baucham puts it, “based no the consistency of His character”.

And so when we come up against trials, difficulties, doubts, and fears we don’t have to cling to a vague idea but we can confidently look to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus and, with the help of the Spirit, trust in the specific attributes and and consistency of God’s character.

I wanted to simply list some of these. Take some time to reflect on who we are, as believer, as a result of who God is.

(Please understand that these are attributes of God and their relationship to His children, those who believe and trust in Him. If someone reading this is not a believer then there are other elements of God’s nature such as His justice and wrath that must be responded to in belief and repentance before the relationship described below can exist between that person and God.)

God is the Redeemer so I am redeemed (Galatians 3:13-14)

God is a Refuge so I am safe (Psalms 18:10)

God is the Justifier so I am not condemned (Romans 8:33-34)

God is the Provider so I am not in danger of need (Luke 12:24-31)

God is Ever Present so I need not be afraid (Joshua 1:9)

God does not Change so I can trust His words (Numbers 23:19)

Christ is Risen so my faith is not in vain (1 Corinthians 15:16-22)

There are many more so feel free to leave some in the comments. I hope this reflection helps you to understand God and you in light of that. And I also hope that it encourages you in your times of doubt, fear, or confusion to turn to Him and cling to the unchanging nature of who He is!