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AD 33 Productions is a new, modern production company interested in telling stories which bring others to Christ.
Our mission at AD 33 Productions is to be a multifaceted company that, by presenting excellence as a God-honoring sacrifice, draws people, families, communities, and nations to the throne of Christ.
Our vision is to build a Christ-focused entertainment company which surpasses in the quality, creativity,  and influence of its most prestigious secular counterparts and to develop a company which enables followers of Christ to use their God-given talents in a way which honors and glorifies their Savior.
This mission starts with theater and small film projects, but it won't end there. We are looking into productions ranging from radio drama, to feature films, even to video games. We believe that all story telling mediums can be used for the glory of our Savior and we are eager to tell His stories in every way we can.

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