Adapting to the Culture...Or Not - Dr. Voddie Baucham [Devotion]

Today’s devotion is a little different, let me explain why.

I was a little under the weather this week so I had my good friend, who will remain anonymous for privacy reasons (hint: his name rhymes with Alex… because his name is Alex), was on standby to cover teaching youth group on Wednesday night. By Wednesday morning I was feeling better… by Wednesday afternoon I was feeling worse. So I asked my unnamed friend, Alex, if he was still good to cover for me and if he was going to bring a lesson or if he wanted me to have a video ready. He asked me to have a video ready just in case so I started looking at sermons from some of the pastors I listen to. The first one I tried not only became our lesson on Wednesday but was exactly what I needed to hear personally. I was so encouraged by it that I decided I would give you a break from my thoughts and share someone else’s. I know it’s long but I believe every believer will find it encouraging and convicting.

Heads up: He does refer to a group of people as idiots. While I do agree with the Biblical position he’s defending I think he gets carried away and is not presenting the truth with love when he says that. I wanted to give you a heads up so that it wouldn’t distract you from the value of the rest of the lesson.

I just want to highlight a couple of the things he said.

First off… God doesn’t borrow names! In fact we as believers are borrowing His in the sense that we are saved by the name of His Son! God doesn’t need me to be famous to touch lives. God doesn’t need my movie to touch lives. God touches lives regardless of the circumstances and through obedience I get to be a part of it.

And the second quote I wanted to recall touched me profoundly he says, “If you think you need the right credential your God is not big enough.“ Now he’s not saying that you should despise training but what I believe he is saying is that God’s ability to use you does not rely on you meeting earthly criteria of popularity or academic standing. God wants us to be obedient no matter what platform He puts us on!

I hope this was as thought provoking and insightful for you all as it was for me!