Conquering the Impossible [Devotion]

This week I wanted to talk about something that I believe God laid on my heart during the first day of the festival. While the film festival is always encouraging over all, there are almost always moments in which you come face to face with much is involved in making a film, that the task of actually bringing a story to the screen seems overwhelming. There are legal elements, insurance issues, timing troubles, unions, contracts, crews, equipment, and so much more. And as you sit there, the story that a day before was so excitingly possible to tell seems like an impossible task. At least that's how I feel sometimes. But the first night of the festival, as I was wrestling with trying to not feel as though Prodigal would never be told, I remembered an account from Numbers 13-14. I'm sure you're all familiar with what happens. God tells Moses to send a man from each tribe to explore the promised land. They come back with a good report of the land but all but two of them spread panic by describing the insurmountable odds that stood between them and settling in the land. They describe large fortified cities, settled cultures of hostile people, even giants! The people of Israel rebelled against Moses and God then decided to choose leaders to take them back to Egypt. However Joshua and Caleb stand in faith and tell the people not to be afraid of the people of the land because, "Their protection is gone, but the Lord is with us. Do not be afraid of them," (Num 14:9b). But the people will not listen and even seek to stone Joshua and Caleb. And we all know how the story goes from there. What does this have to do with film? When God calls us to do anything, whether it's film, ministry, or even day to day obedience, there will be challenges. Challenges and obstacles that seem to big for us to conquer... that's because they are. But we have a choice when we face those obstacles, to be like the Israelites or to be like Joshua and Caleb. The fact is that the people were right in one respect: they could not, in their own power, take the land. But that wasn't the point. God wasn't leading them to the land so they could conquer it on their own. He was leading them to the land so that they could conquer it in Him. He was to be the Conqueror. Joshua and Caleb realized and believed that. The fact is that many of the things that God calls us to do are impossible to do on our own! But we can have courage to walk into the land and fight the battles knowing that, if we are following God, He will bring the victory. As I looked at the things that God has done to bring this project to where it is and to confirm the direction of our efforts, I could not help but rest knowing that if God wants Prodigal Princess to come to the screen, He will bring all that is necessary to make it happen. That doesn't excuse me from fighting the fight but it means I must fight in the power of the King that defeated death knowing that I can be strong and courageous for He is with me wherever I go! Remember this as you face the challenges that God has ordained for your life. Fight in His power. Fight with courage.